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Vidrala unveils the lightest wine bottle in the world

Vidrala has introduced the lightest Bordeaux wine bottle on the market weighing 360 grams at 300 millimetres in height. This bottle represents a significant milestone in innovation and sustainability for the wine industry.

The Bordeaux bottle, named BD NOVA LITE, is unique in the market, offering a weight reduction of almost 8 percent compared to predecessor bottles in the same height range. The innovation lies not only in its design, but also in the industrial capacity to maintain the quality and availability of the product, which will mean significant savings for the glass company’s customers. The new bottle is now available in two colours, flint and moss/Eurogreen. In addition, it will have two finish options: traditional cork and screw cap.

This new bottle is the result of years of development and coordination of different areas of the company, as well as a significant milestone in innovation and design, as it employs advanced press-blowing technology, which guarantees efficiency and quality in each unit. Despite its reduced weight, it assures customers of equivalent performance in terms of quality, durability and strength.

In terms of sustainability, the new bottle will bring significant advances. For every million bottles, it will save up to 31 tonnes of raw materials. It will also contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, avoiding the emission of up to 7 tonnes of greenhouse gases (scope 1 + 2), the approximate equivalent of the emissions of 72 diesel vehicles travelling the Madrid-Barcelona distance. The company expects to manufacture and sell hundreds of millions of this new bottle.

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