Vidrala renews 100% renewable energy agreement with ACCIONA Energía

The renewal of the agreement for the period 2021 / 2022 entails the supply of 343 GWh of additional green energy and will allow Vidrala to reduce CO2 emissions by over 100.000 tons a year

Vidrala Group has renewed the agreement with ACCIONA Energía, their renewable energy provider since 2018. The renewal proofs once again Vidrala Group’s commitment with reducing the impact of the activity at their plants and constantly improving energy efficiency. The agreement implies the supply of 343 GWh of additional green energy during the coming two years.

In addition to a strong determination to use green energy, the adoption of ACCIONA Energía Greenchain technology entails a significant improvement in efficiency at the Portuguese plants as it displays real time information about clean energy generation. Additionally, it certifies Vidrala’s consumption of energy supplied by ACCIONA Energía with a guarantee of origin 100 percent renewable, endorsed by the Issuing Entity of Guarantees of Origin and the Portuguese National Electric Network.

The technological platform Greenchain will allow Vidrala to track real time consumption of renewable energy and check at the same time the amount of CO2 emissions avoided as well as the associated equivalences such as, for example, the number of planted trees or cars retired from the roads. This additional and innovative function showcases our contribution to minimizing the impact of its activity on the climate change and how it embraces a more sustainable future.

In fact, during the last two years and a half Vidrala has reduced CO2 emissions by 125.000 tonnes, which is equivalent to removing 30.000 vehicles from circulation or planting 90.000 trees. In the coming two years, the two plants in Marinha Grande should reduce emissions by around 100.000 tonnes of CO2.

Jorge Escudero, Energy Category Manager at Vidrala considers the renewal o of the agreement with ACCIONA Energía a “natural step after the good results achieved since Vidrala first started its relationship with ACCIONA Energía. Since 2018 we have registered a continuous reduction of our carbon print. However the path to carbon neutrality and full sustainability is long and challenging. Greenchain solution allows as to verify the origin of the electric energy we consume. We consider this as another step aimed at combining Vidrala’s full productivity with social responsibility and concern for the community where it is integrated.”

Aprígio Guimarães, Country Sales Manager at ACCIONA Energía Portugal, said, “We are very satisfied to continue contributing to Vidrala’s sustainability goals aimed at reducing its carbon print, now with an additional guarantee of origin that assures the use of 100% renewable energy, certified through the Greenchain platform.” In this regard, the Country Sales Manager is committed to “enhance the relationship of trust that already exists between ACCIONA Energía and Vidrala with the certainty that this partnership is delivering positive results. We also want to continue with our mission of commercializing electric energy from totally renewable sources in Portugal.”

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