Vidrala: 2021 Annual General Meeting

Vidrala facilitates the participation of its shareholders

Vidrala will hold its 2021 Annual General Meeting on April 27, 2021 at 12:00pm on first call – and, where applicable, on the following day at the same time on second call – at its registered office at Alava (Barrio Munegazo 22, 01400 Llodio).

Holders of shares registered in the corresponding accounting register at least 5 days prior to the day on which the AGM is to be held, will be entitled to attend.

Attending and represented shareholders will be paid a gross attendance bonus of EUR 4 cents per share.

Given the current health situation, Vidrala has decided to adopt extraordinary measures in order to ensure the health of people, as well as the successful development of the AGM. Among other measures, it has been agreed to limit the capacity of the meeting room and to facilitate absentee vote.

Vidrala reminds that it is not necessary to attend the meeting physically to cast a vote and, consequently, collect the attendance bonus. Therefore, in order to facilitate participation, Vidrala encourages to grant a proxy or cast an absentee vote:

  • By electronic means, through the Shareholders’ Electronic Forum (link).
  • By sending the attendance, proxy and absentee voting card to the Company by post (Barrio Munegazo 22, 01400 Llodio) or by delivering it to your depositary institution.

Please note that you can access all the 2021 Annual General Meeting documentation here. In case of further doubts related to the AGM, the Investor Relations department can be contacted at +34 946 719 750 or via email at

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