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Vetrotech Saint-Gobain introduces Thermovit Pro A0 for LNG carriers

Electrically heated fire resistant glass can make long journeys safer and improve visibility

Vetrotech Saint-Gobain has launched Thermovit Pro A0, an electrically heated, fire-resistant glass that meets the requirements of the IGC Code for LNG gas carriers and improves visibility in harsh weather.
Themovit features a conductive coating and offers 60 minutes of fire integrity resistance and integrated heating in one laminated glass.
The IGC Code requires LNG carriers to fit A0 fire-protective glass to their wheelhouses.
Vessels deployed in areas where temperatures fall below freezing, such as the Arctic, must defrost their glass before they set sail. Many use blowers directed on the glass to defrost. This has disadvantages when the water fails to evaporate and seeps into the interior.
This can cause longer-term negative effects on the vessel and only provides localised clearing on the glass, resulting in limited vision. Thermovit Pro A0 heats the entire surface of the glass and ensures the glass remains frost, snow, vapour and condensation-free.
Thermovit aims to provide clearer visibility, particularly in vessels whose wheelhouse crew use binoculars, removing visual disturbance of heat-conductive wires.
“Having clear fire-safety guidelines for a fuel-carrying ship, such as an LNG carrier, is crucial,” said Vetrotech business manager marine Ruud van der Sterren. “When holding large volumes of fuel on board, it is essential that the crew are protected in the event of fire to the highest possible standard. Safety glass is an essential component in assisting with fire safety, providing additional time for the crew to evacuate or navigate the ship to a safe destination.”

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