Verallia: raising children’s awareness about recycling

‘Garrafita visits school’ is Verallia’s learning programme for children in Portugal

Verallia has launched ‘Garrafita visits school’ in Portugal, in an aim to show children from 3 to 7 years old the benefits of glass recycling and sustainability.

In Portugal, Verallia has launched ‘Garrafita visits school’ a learning programme for 3 to 7 year-olds. This initiative is aimed at showing kids the benefits of glass recycling and sustainability. Following these interventions, the children are invited to promote these key practices with their friends and families.
The programme mascot – Garrafita, the nickname for ‘garrafa’ or bottle in Portuguese – interacts with the children during animations to explain to them the glass life cycle. The ideal eco-friendly material, glass is composed of natural minerals (sand and limestone) and is 100% recyclable, endlessly.
Last year, more than 80 children benefitted from this programme. In view of this success, in 2018 Verallia Portugal will roll out a more comprehensive programme in the schools around its Figueira da Foz plant located on the Atlantic coast, halfway between Lisbon and Porto.
This action is part of Verallia’s CSR programme. The Portuguese teams are actively involved with local communities.
In Portugal, Verallia has around 250 employees. Its headquarters, factory and product development centre are located in Figueira da Foz. With its two furnaces, the business produces daily over two million bottles and jars for still wines (including the famous ports), sparkling wines, beers, spirits, soft drinks and food. Verallia Portugal serves local and international customers. The business stands out for its remarkable knowledge of the Portuguese market and the close relations it has nurtured with its customers over the last 30 years.

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