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Verallia produces bottles for the new Ricard made with aniseed

Deep green glass bottles convey freshness of the spirits within

Developed together with Verallia, the new Ricard Plantes Fraîches bottle really stands out on the aniseed aperitifs’ market. The innovation lies in both the recipe of this aniseed liquor and its new packaging, in keeping with the new product concept.

 This is the first change in ingredients since the brand was founded in 1932. The new recipe is a Pastis de Marseille made with aniseed coming only from fresh plants, carefully grown by local producers in the Haute-Provence region.

Ricard chose a container which reflects this traditional yet modern spirit. The new bottle is produced exclusively by the Verallia group. With its rectangular base and aerodynamic silhouette, the bottle features round shoulders and the brand logo engraved in the side cartridges.

José Garcia, sales director of VOA – Verrerie d’Albi, a Verallia subsidiary – explained, “Like its contents, the bottle has taken off to the fields. To convey this idea of final product freshness, work was done on colour identification. In the end, tank-coloured green glass was chosen.”

The teams at Ricard were concerned about not deteriorating the environmental impact of their packaging. As well as choosing glass, a material which is 100% recyclable to infinity, the company made sure there were no recycling disturbers on the new packaging.

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