Verallia invests 60 million EUR in Jacutinga, Brazil, plant expansion

With the introduction of a new furnace, Verallia will more than double the glass packaging production capacity at its Minas Gerais plant


Third largest global food and beverages glass packaging producer, Verallia announced the investment of around 60 million EUR in the Jacutinga, MG, Brazil, plant expansion to build a second furnace. This will allow more than doubling the Minas Gerais plant production capacity: from 1 million bottles per day to 2.3 million from 2023, when the furnace will be running at full capacity.

Expansion of the Jacutinga plant aims to meet the increased demand in the beer and alcoholic segments with amber and green bottles. The production will primarily serve the domestic market.

“Increasing our productive capacity was already in the plans. Verallia is a very solid company in Brazil and globally, which invests over the long term. We waited for the right moment, even considering the market conditions and contracts with our customers,” said Quintin Testa, South America General Director.

With the construction of the second furnace, Verallia’s factory in Jacutinga will promote the generation of at least 90 direct jobs and another 50 indirect jobs, which will practically double the plant total number of employees. During the construction, the outsourced contingent should reach 1000 employees.

Inaugurated in July 2019, the Jacutinga plant has state-of-the-art technology, the most modern in Verallia worldwide, which allows it to respond to the demands of quality and growth in the coming years. Verallia installed a last generation atmospheric emissions treatment system (electrostatic precipitator) and a modern domestic and industrial effluent treatment plant, in closed circuit. All effluents treated in this system are reused internally, without external disposal.

In addition to Jacutinga, Verallia maintains in operation in Brazil factories in Porto Ferreira, SP, and Campo Bom, RS, and a Creation Center for new products development in São Paulo.