Verallia: first edition of Re-use Lab was a great success

The first edition of the Re-use Lab, a forum organized by Verallia dedicated on glass re-use issues and the latest trends, was held March 17, 2022, and was a great success.

Among the guests were customers, experts in the circular economy and food industry and employees of the Group. A diversity of profiles that allowed the company to feed the debate and compare points of view.

The Re-use Lab event is designed as a forum for action-oriented exchange and brings together players in the circular economy, customers, experts in the food industry, partners and employees of the Group. The Re-use Lab will help facilitate the implementation of the pilot project in France by 2025 and, more generally:

  • Gather thoughts and compare points of view
  • Learn from experiences in the field around the world, in order to identify what works best
  • Accelerate the implementation of local and sustainable reuse solutions and consider their duplication on a larger scale whenever possible.

If you couldn’t attend the Re-use lab you can find the replay here.

To read the white paper click here.