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Verallia boasts two triple-medal-winning bottle designs

Hellstrøm Sommer aquavit and SNÅSA water jointly recognized for their creative presentations

Hellstrøm Sommer aquavit and SNÅSA water, both bottled in containers manufactured and decorated by Verallia, have received threefold recognition for their design.

Signed Selective Line – Verallia’s international premium brand, were envisioned by the Olssøn Barbieri design studio.

Hellstrøm Sommer aquavit won prizes at the Visuelt Awards, Dieline awards and European Design Awards. This bottle is produced in Ukraine, then decorated in France by Saga Décor. The translucent green coating of this Moonea model highlights its 360° décor, screen-printed with organic ink. This premium product is part of the master chef Eyvind Hellstrøm’s range of Norwegian spirits.

The Norwegian mineral water SNÅSA was recognized during the Visuelt Awards, Dieline Awards and European Design Awards. This extra-flint glass bottle is made by Verallia in Ukraine, then decorated in Poland. The partial coating and screen-printing of this exclusive model highlight the premium nature of the contents.

To support its customers with their glass creations, Selective Line can rely on Verallia’s unique manufacturing expertise, including its extensive range of décor techniques produced in its three integrated décor plants in France and Poland.

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