Upper management movement at Walker Glass

Walker Glass Company Ltd. (Walker), North America’s market leader in the development and manufacture of acid etched glass substrates and premium quality mirrors, announced that Ross Christie, Vice-President of Sales & Marketing and member of the board of directors has decided to step down from his day to day sales and marketing duties effective December 31, 2019

Charles Alexander will serve as Vice-President of Sales & Marketing upon Mr. Christie’s retirement.

Ross will take on the role of Executive Vice-President at Walker where he will remain active as a board member and take part in the strategic direction of the company. During his 30 plus years as Vice-President of Sales & Marketing, Ross was instrumental in Walker’s evolution. Under his leadership both the sales and the marketing teams have grown significantly.

“Ross is an iconic figure at Walker and is seen by many of us as a personal mentor. His guidance, good humour and constant optimism has been something we can all count on. We are fortunate to be able to rely on his full support going forward.” said Charles Alexander, Business Development Director.

Alexander, who has been serving as Business Development Director since 2017 has gained significant knowledge of Walker’s product line and the glass industry through his business travels and his involvement with NGA. Prior to joining the company, Charles’ experience came from the industrial products and construction/green building industry sectors where he held senior management positions in sales, marketing, business development and operations for companies like the Canam Group.

“From the moment Charles joined Walker we knew that he was the right fit for us and that he would continue to reinforce the company culture. Our team and our clients will be in good hands with Charles.” said Ross.