Unelko Corporation, leader in surface care technologies

Unelko has a proud history of developing innovative surface coatings, treatments, antimicrobials, restorers, and dual action products to repel water soil and stains, improve appearance, increase scratch resistance and extend the life of surfaces

Unelko Corporation is constantly evolving and adapting to meet the needs of its diverse customer base. In particular, Repel® Glass & Surface Cleaner was formulated to reduce the time spent cleaning while maintaining surface hygiene.

Unelko’s products’ dual-action properties offer multi-functional cleaning and simultaneously protect the surface with a “nano-scale” barrier coating that dramatically reduces the adhesion and build-up of soil and grime for easier next-time cleaning.

Their most advanced protective glass and surface coating, the Invisible Shield PRO 15 has been tested tough; its durability, value and ease of application is unmatched. It is used worldwide by glass & solar manufacturers, fabricators, glaziers, artists, specialists, professional cleaning companies, glass care experts, and retail customers alike to protect and preserve glass surfaces.

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