Tyrolit: a new concept for edge grinding of automotive glass

HALO: a new concept for edge grinding of automotive glass

The HALO product line from Tyrolit offers several advantages such as reduced to zero machine set up with minimum start-up time, improved performance and productivity, simplified logistics – just to mention a few.

With the HALO product line, Tyrolit defines a new concept for edge grinding of automotive glass. As well as high process speed, low dressing frequency and a clean edge, the design of a single use wheel offers several new advantages and added value compared to a standard repeatedly re-profiled wheel.
Minimum start-up time: specific alloys grant a perfect edge finish from the first piece and maximum speed can be reached after few pieces.
Improved performance: the wheel always works as new with maximum diameter (150 mm) granting best life, edge quality, perfect cooling and grinding speed; as it would be with the first application on conventional wheels.
Increased productivity: thanks to a reduced set-up time and to the possibility to install more wheels on the same cone allowing to work continuously. Tyrolit also guarantees dimensional tolerances from the very first piece produced.
Economic advantage: minimized investment in new wheels; significant reduction of handling/logistic efforts and reduced spindle maintenance due to a lighter wheel that reduce vibrations during work.