TYROLIT: a boost in performance and sustainability

TYROLIT takes responsibility and plays an active role in the development of a sustainable economy and delivers a resounding success story with the introduction of the HALO single use wheel

Sustainability and environmentally conscious thinking are two very connected and very important topics that are finally getting more and more attention in many industries. The challenge of reducing CO2 emissions to protect our climate is certainly one of the most important tasks that concerns everybody.

TYROLIT sees environmental protection not as a limitation, but as an opportunity that promotes innovation. A very important step in this context was the development of the HALO single use wheel, a grinding tool for the manufacture of automotive glass.

So far all standard wheels for the edge grinding process of automotive glass had to be re-profiled on a regular basis to maintain a high standard edge quality, perfect cooling and grinding speed. This meant that each of those standard wheels had to be transported to one of TYROLIT’s many service centres, re-profiled and then returned to the customer. This process could be used at least 3 times over the entire wheel life.

Since it is not necessary to re-profile HALO wheels, transport and with it CO2 emissions are considerably reduced. Furthermore, the weight of the disposable HALO wheel was reduced considerably, so that it weighs only one third of a standard wheel. This has obvious logistical and economic advantages.

TYROLIT has also thought about the lifespan of the HALO wheel and is manufacturing its core with bronze. The material’s properties are well suited for ideal tool performance and since it can be recycled, TYROLIT promotes a circular economy, such as by using scrap bronze to manufacture new products.

HALO, the single use wheel for automotive glass, offers improved performance from the very first piece, while taking sustainability and environmental protection into account.

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