Tvitec announces launch of cleverly named advisory service: Glask

Tvitec's new Glask service is an online technical advisory channel to solve questions related to architectural glass

The glass innovators at Tvitec are aware how difficult it is to know about all the myriad high-performance materials available for construction. With this in mind, they are the first Spanish architectural glass processing company – for both flat and curved glass – that intends to contribute to answering any questions or doubts that may arise regarding the efficient use of glazing in the buildings of the future. This applies not only to their customers but to anyone who is considering developing a project in which glass could be used as a capital piece.

Tvitec has launched Glask for architects, engineers, consultants, façade workers, developers or builders. Any professional who has questions on glass – its design, functionality and performance – is now just a click away from receiving advice from true experts and enthusiasts in the field.

Specialists from Tvitec’s Technical Department will receive the queries through direct email,, and will provide answers in the shortest possible time. The hashtag #Glask will also be immediately present on the LinkedIn @TvitecSystemGlass profile, offering technical information and case studies that may arise from projects the company is implementing around the world.

At the end of the year Tvitec will also offer access to Glask specialists through a new website, which is currently being developed. The site will have very detailed information on the whole range of innovative glazed solutions manufactured in Spain and used for the most iconic works around the world.

Glask is being created as a consulting platform, but it should also be used for communication and continuous training. All of this should lead to a right choice of glazing to ensure that the result of the construction, both outdoors and indoors, maximizes all the great potential of glass not only from the aesthetic prism, but also from the point of luminosity, insulation, safety, acoustics, comfort and energy saving.

For more information, send a query to: | #Glask