Turomas: storage, loading and cutting of glass

Turomas has supplied an SR-07 intelligent storage system and a RUBI 516C cutting line to Al-Andalus Glass

Al-Andalus Glass Co. has just installed a fully automated high-performance Turomas line for the storage, loading and cutting of glass, prepared to work simultaneously with 3, 6 and 7 meter glass sheets.

Al-Andalus Glass has implemented an SR-07 intelligent storage system and a RUBI 516C cutting line, both manufactured by the Spanish company Turomas.
The SR-07 storage is characterized by having been designed to hold 3, 6 or 7 meter glass sheets, including low-emissivity glass. This feature offers great versatility when it comes to managing the glass stock and, especially, optimizing production according to the real needs of each project.
Another of the main features of the SR-07 is that it is the glass rack itself that is located directly in front of the loading area, which significantly increases the productivity ratio by minimising glass transport times within the warehouse. When changing glass types, the storage has been designed to move the racks with the necessary agility to avoid interrupting the cutting line workflow.
The SR-07 installed in the Al-Andalus company is also ready to safely recharge glass in the warehouse without interrupting production, which significantly optimizes the company’s resources in all its work shifts, regardless of the time when the glass packs arrive from the supplier.
The cutting line comprises the RUBI 516C cutting table and the MT-600B break-out table. It offers automatic loading and evacuation by means of belts and allows a 6 or 7-meter sheet or two 3-meter sheets to be placed on top simultaneously.
Thanks to the linear motor technology that moves its different axes, the RUBI 516C cutting table can move up to 310 linear meters per minute with an impressive acceleration of 19 m/s2, always ensuring the highest cutting quality with a tolerance even below +- 0.1mm. The linear motor technology itself also minimizes the maintenance required by the machine, which will contribute to the overall life cycle of the machine.
Among many others, the table has been equipped with the LOW-TPF system, which is in the words of Amir “the most advanced in the world”. It removes both the low emissivity layer and the protective plastic (should it exist) with the maximum quality and in just one single operation. It can also make variable widths edge deletion in both straight lines and shapes. It incorporates a last generation vacuum system that eliminates the residues of the operation.
In addition, the RUBI 516C is equipped with the exclusive 4-TOOL system. This device ensures the highest cutting quality in glasses of any thickness up to 25mm. The system features 4 cutting tools, each with its own cutting wheel, pressure cylinder especially designed for a specific thickness range and lubrication system. This equipment not only eliminates unnecessary downtime during the change of rollers because it performs the operation automatically depending on the thickness of the glass, but also minimizes the resources needed for subsequent edging processes due to the superior cutting quality obtained.
The RUBI 516C at Al-Andalus also features the LAB-PRINT system, an automatic label printer with label applicator for traceability of the glass pieces.
The combination of technologies applied to both the intelligent storage and cutting line makes this system one of the most versatile and efficient lines in the world today.

Video of the installed machines.
Video of the interview to Mr. Marwan Albrahim, CEO of Al-Andalus Holding Co. and Mr. Amir Abdullatif, Director of Al-Andalus Glass.

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