Trosifol invests in its Holešov plant

Production in Holešov to be set up for the future and strengthened in the long term

Kuraray is continuing to invest in its Czech production site in Holešov, Czech Republic. The most recent investment expands the manufacturing of its SentryGlas® product – the world’s only film for glass interlayers made of ionoplast – and will enable the plant to produce the class-leading interlayer on rolls widths up to 330 cm. The installation is expected to take place in February 2021, with sales of these rolls starting in the third quarter 2021.

Architects and designers have been designing buildings with larger less supported glass. Many laminators are accepting this challenge and pushing the limits of glass size that can be produced. SentryGlas® structural properties make it ideal for large panels of glass by enabling thinner lighter glass with less deflection.

Initially, the two  products –SentryGlas® and SentryGlas® Xtra – will be available. SentryGlas® Natural UV and SentryGlas® Translucent White will follow later in the year:

  • SentryGlas® Xtra™ (SGX™) improves processing efficiency and reduces the processing requirements for laminators. Of particular interest is the reduced risk of haze which is often caused by insufficient cooling speed.
  • SentryGlas® Natural UV: Designed to allow the transmission of broad-spectrum natural UV light required by many living species. SentryGlas® Natural UV combines the strength, security and edge stability of SentryGlas® ionoplast interlayers with natural UV transmission making it an ideal interlayer for laminated glass for zoos, aquariums and botanical gardens In contrast to most safety glass interlayer technologies, SentryGlas® does not require UV protection for lasting strength and transparency.
  • SentryGlas® Translucent White Ionoplast intermediate layers for laminated safety glass combine all technical advantages and structural properties of SentryGlas®, i.e. safer, lighter and more durability, with various white color effects for a pleasant aesthetics and privacy.

Tomas Horak, shift leader SentryGlas® production at Holešov, is pleased and said, “We are very proud that Kuraray has decided to invest in our site again. By commissioning the SentryGlas® line, the team has proven that it can do great things. In particular, the flatness of our SentryGlas® rolls is excellent and I am confident that in the future we will be able to ensure this outstanding product property, even with the maximum width of 330 cm.”

Tomas Horak (far right), Shift Leader SentryGlas® Production Holešov

The SentryGlas® production in Holešov was put into operation 2003. Production of SentryGlas® started in 2019. A new cutting table was installed at the end of 2019 to cut sheet material that is produced in the USA to size.

Like all other Trosifol production sites, the Holešov site is geared towards global delivery.

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