Trosifol: Holesov plant on a roll with new-format SentryGlas® Xtra™

Trosifol has announced that its new SentryGlas® Xtra™ (SGX™) ionoplast interlayer is now available in roll form from its plant in Holesov, in the Czech Republic.

Available in widths up to 2.7 meters, the roll format gives processors and laminators far greater flexibility. Rolls are not only easier and more efficient to store, but they also promise less wastage compared to the sheet-supplied variant.

The Holesov plant, which started production of SentryGlas® earlier last year, can produce rolls with calipers of 0.76 and 0.89 mm. What is more, the exceptional roll flatness on offer from the new plant results in improved lamination efficiency and throughput.

SGX™ – in both roll and sheet form – improves lamination processing efficiency and streamlines processing, while still delivering the high-quality laminate construction and outstanding operational performance synonymous with the SentryGlas® brand.

Of particular interest to laminators is the reduced risk of haze formation caused by an inadequate cooling rate. Adhesion to the airside of glass is significantly improved too, with adhesion primers no longer being required.

These features, combined with the roll format, will make multiple-ply laminated glass assemblies easier to process while delivering the potential to increase the number of laminates in autoclaves, increasing throughput efficiency.