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Tremco Illbruck chooses Best Makina

Best Makina supplied machines to Tremco Illbruck

Best Makina has supplied machinery to Tremco Illbruck for the testing of primary and secondary sealants for the insulated glass industry.

Tremco Illbruck, one of the leading industrial adhesive manufacturers, has selected Best Makina as partner for its test production at its Traunstein/Germany factory.
Tremco Illbruck will be testing primary and secondary sealants for the insulated glass industry before commercializing them. For this reason, Tremco Illbruck decided to invest in an automatic coupling press machine with automatic gas filling, an automatic desiccant filling machine, PIB extruder, a two component hydraulic extruder and auxiliary equipment.
The project started in early 2017, and technical team members co-operated together to design the custom machinery as per EU norms and Tremco Illbruck indications.
Tremco Illbruck technical team, visited Best Makina in Turkey for preliminary acceptance and training.
All machines were delivered and installed by Best Makina’s technical team in September-2018.

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