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Tiama HOT mass 2: the NEW generation of sensor for gob monitoring

The Tiama HOT mass 2 is the new generation of TIAMA hot end sensor dedicated to gob monitoring. Today, gob monitoring systems have become a “must have” for glass plants and monitoring the gob is a key step in improving process control as glass-makers usually say that 80 percent of defects come from the gob.

Thanks to its unique configuration, the Tiama HOT mass 2 provides real 3D views of gobs and accurate measurements for gob shape such as length and diameters. The control of the gob shape is essential to limit the creation of defects. The system also provides temperatures, falling angles and speeds measurement in real time.

The Tiama HOT mass 2 keeps the gob weight stable through two closed loops: the system regulates automatically the tube height and the needles position. Performance achieved by the system is very promising. As an example, for a production with a weight set point at 955 grams, the Tiama HOT mass 2 regulates the gob weight within +/- 1g. Thus, weight limits can be set to a minimum and the weight setpoint reduced. A reduction of only 1g means significant savings for a glass factory. This automatic gob weight control frees up time for operators who can concentrate on more added-value tasks around the IS machine.

The limitation of carbon impact becoming a priority for factories, a better weight stabilization also helps to support plants in the production of increasingly lighter containers.

The Tiama HOT mass 2 is universal and can be connected to any kind of IS machine and process. The technology used by the system makes it possible to have a compact solution that can be easily installed and requires only very little maintenance.

TIAMA was the first supplier to offer gob monitoring sensors with the GIA and then the Tiama HOT mass. Many years of experience and installations around the world have made Tiama HOT mass 2 an efficient and ergonomic system that meets the customers’ needs.

Fully integrated in the YOUniverse concept, Tiama HOT mass 2 is compatible with the different information systems used by glass plants.

Thanks to the worldwide presence of its after-sales engineers, Tiama is ready to support you with the installation and getting started with the Tiama HOT mass 2.

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