Thermoseal Group offers Thermobar sample box to prospective customers

Thermoseal Group, the UK’s leading manufacturer of warm edge spacers and accessories, has produced a ‘Thermobar in a Box’, which houses a selection of samples designed for sealed unit manufacturers.

Thermobar in a Box contains enough samples to make a small 15.5mm spacer framework with Thermobar duplex internal bars and fittings, and Thermobar Interbar and fittings.  It also contains a sample of a new plastic straight connector and gas keys and fittings.
“The Thermobar Warm Edge Spacer range has been in continual development since 2010,” said marketing manager, Samatha Hill.
As well as increasing production of the spacer itself and adding to the range of sizes and colours, we have also been expanding our injection moulding division and producing a multitude of colour-matched fittings. The full stock range of Thermobar products including all sizes, colours and accessories currently stands at 216 different components. We will soon be able to offer customers further colours including Light Grey RAL 7040, Brown RAL 8003 and Mahogany RAL 8016.
“The challenge was to represent our Thermobar highest performance range of products in a box that was small enough to post. The ‘Thermobar in a Box’ sample carton gives a good idea of the range, and then we will follow up enquiries.
“We have also produced a window performance chart to accompany the sample box, which shows window Uw values calculated using the figures from our latest Bundesverband Flachglass Data Sheet – thermal conductivity value of 0.14 W/mK and representative psi values as low as 0.029 W/mK.