The future of glass is a development by sedak

Glass takes on whole new forms at sedak

sedak is a premium manufacturer of optimum-quality safety and insulated glazing. As a leading glazing fabricator specialist in this high-expertise segment, the company supplies single-pane glass units, multi-layer glazing and functional insulated glass units. Manufacturing is optimized for extremely heavy glass with a unique degree of automation for panes this size.

All production operations are carried out with maximum precision by the largest and most modern collection of machinery of this kind for glass processing. The machines used by sedak can also process pane sizes of 3.6 by 20 metres, the largest standard sizes in the world.

The advanced high-tech machines and computer-controlled processes at sedak are matched by the expertise of the company’s human resources, who acquire unique qualifications at sedak. Their experience, knowledge and intuitive manual skills ensure the very highest standard of glass processing.

sedak production capabilities

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