Thai Glass increases quality with thermal imaging from AMETEK Land

The new system allows Thai Glass to obtain a wider variety of temperature measurements in different locations, and can trend measurements at key points, including the crown, ports, and burner blocks

AMETEK Land, a world leader in high accuracy, non-contact temperature measurement systems, has enabled a leading Thai glass producer to optimize its production quality with the installation of a high-performance temperature monitoring system.

NIR-B-656-Glass mounted on the Electrical Auto-Retract (AR) System

Thai Glass, one of the leading container glass producers in Thailand, was looking to replace its traditional CCTV cameras in its glass melt tanks with a system that would add both visual and temperature measurement to its process control. AMETEK Land’s NIR-Borescope-656-Glass thermal imaging solution produces high-definition thermal images and highly accurate temperature measurements in the range of 1000 to 1800 °C (1832 to 3272 °F).

NIR-B-656-Glass System Installation

The NIR-B-656-Glass was installed into the melt tanks, providing round-the-clock monitoring, and allowing a Thai Glass operator to view the melting of the batch, and monitor furnace refractory conditions.

A spokesperson for Thai Glass said, “We have seen significant advantages of using AMETEK Land’s NIR-B-656-Glass in terms of process optimization and quality control. The data obtained is invaluable in enabling us to monitor batch flow closely and to ensure optimum efficiency in the operation of the melt tank.”

Phillipe Kerbois, Glass Sector Manager at AMETEK Land, said, “Glass producers worldwide are looking for more robust thermal imaging solutions that provide much more than just CCTV images. Our systems offer a truly unrivalled data-driven solution to the challenge of effective temperature measurement of glass melt tanks, and increase production efficiency.”

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