Tecnoferrari: working with and for printing and logistics for Industry 4.0

Managing complex situations is part of the DNA of TecnoFerrari, thanks to its being involved in automation since 1972, following the growth and development of the ceramics industry right up to now. This means gaining experience and knowledge which has enabled the company to identify automation as the fundamental factor in this industry.

Sonia Serrau, Marketing & Communication – TECNOFERRARI

Focusing continuously on R&D to improve and update products and the functionality of its machinery, starting from the know-how gained in the ceramics sector, has led TecnoFerrari to gain considerable skills and flexibility with regards to digital printing, as well as storage and logistics aspects.
This strong development has enabled the company to have an important position in other sectors such as glass, ceramic, cement, fiber cement, paper, wood, plastics and numerous other materials for digital printing, as well as textiles, beverages, automotive, pharmaceutical/medical, food and others with regards to logistics and storage.
At Vitrum 2019, (Pavillion 7, booth E27 – G26-30) Tecnoferrari will be introducing its innovative ideas for digital printing, as well as logistics solutions, in collaboration with Giardina Group, a leading brand in the finishing sector, and with which it is collaborating.

The continuous move towards innovation has led the VivaJet® digital printers range right up to complete technological maturity. And TecnoFerrari is using its skills to stand out from the crowd once more.
VivaJet® single pass digital printers enable to have contactless printing in a single passage of glass with both regular and irregular shapes, thanks to the single- and multi-colour optical centring system.
These results are made possible thanks to more than 850 global installations and the extreme attention to improving each and every single detail: from printing heads and their optical alignment, to the mechanical aspects of the printing block, also covering the even further evolved ink distribution system with regards to materials and components, and the use of new low-environmental impact inks. Last but not least, last-generation GeCo® software, which adds further printing methods, specific screening that can improve quality, control the uniformity of colour spreading and to compensate for printing defects. All this enables to have high-quality products that really stand out: natural printing and decoration without defects, resulting in more high-resolution designs, high intensity coverage, uniform light tones and the possibility of high discharge.
Not only technical refinements but also continuous investments to offer an ever better service: advanced remote control tools, possibility of upgrades and presence in the field.
Thanks to the upgraded DigitalRemoteAssistance service, TecnoFerrari’s experienced and skilled technical staff can offer assistance to any sudden problems in the shortest time possible.
The use of these technologies enables the company to interact directly with operators to provide instructions and advice coming from our experience in the field, also allowing machines to be upgraded by installing software updates containing the latest innovations developed by our R&D.
Based on the know-how and experience gained over the years as a leader in digital ceramic printing, TecnoFerrari has also developed specific models for decorating various materials. In fact, more and more merchandise sectors, where quality, productivity, reliability, flexibility and simplicity are fundamental, are gaining great interest in the VivaJet® range.

Leader in automation and logistics in different markets, and with more than 3,500 AGV vehicles installed in the world,
TecnoFerrari is continuing to invest in growth to continuously increase its market share.
Each and every year TecnoFerrari renews its commitment to new technological solutions to improve industrial automation systems that we design and export globally, with over 170 patents. The experience of the engineers who have been part of our team for years constantly supports new resources, and are therefore able to face challenges and continue our story.
With regards to logistics applications in particular, technical staff is also able to manage processes and layouts of complex systems, providing customers with optimized solutions in terms of performance, reliability and flexibility.
TecnoFerrari’s AGV vehicles are equipped with magnetic, laser and hybrid driving systems, as well as the latest safety and logic control systems, representing the largest portfolio of solutions available on today’s market.
Industry 4.0 paradigms are implemented in all AGV systems, providing interconnection with all machinery and with company ERP systems.
The supervision software, developed entirely in-house by Tecnoferrari, with the possibility of customization according to customers’ needs, is an added value in terms of flexibility.
TecnoFerrari AGV systems provide considerable economic savings when compared with the same activity performed by manual vehicles. TecnoFerrari AGV vehicles also reduce the loss of productivity due to the inefficiency of manual transport.
Damage caused by manually handled transported products is substantially reduced by AGV with regular and constant work flows.
TecnoFerrari offers a fast route to successful operations for every company, regardless of size, as automation means:

  • Maximum level of safety for operators
  • Fully automatic operations
  • Process control and handling optimization
  • Process timing and accuracy
  • Perfect control over all stages of processes
  • Cost reduction
  • Ability to interface with other production technologies
  • Data protection and data collection
  • Product traceability.

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