TECNO GLASS: Proud to be Made in Europe; proud to be Made in Italy

Solid experience in glass thanks to over 40 years of activities, is what the Canzano family – the owners and management of Tecno Glass – are proud to have. And it is thanks to this experience and dedication, combined with the continuous search for innovative solutions, that has enabled the family and company to become a leader in the production and sale of glassworks’ equipment.

A wide range of high-quality products able to meet the needs and demands of both Italian and international customers, with precision, punctuality and in the shortest time possible – also thanks to a completely automated warehouse. This is the Tecno Glass way of working, thanks to the 40 years of experience and activities of the owners and managers of the company – the Canzano family.

Company headquarters are located in Ortona, Abruzzo, southern Italy, employing about 30 specialised technicians, warehouse managers and office workers. Thanks to the intense work and passion of the entire team, Tecno Glass reported a turnover of more than EUR 12,000,000 in 2019, further confirming the company’s constant growth in these recent years, characterised by the continuous search for innovative solutions and expansion.
In particular, with the second generation of the
Canzano family in the company in 2000, Tecno Glass established itself on the international market, also thanks to Manuela Canzano, graduated in International Languages and Literature, who manages and coordinates the administrative and commercial sector. Sandro Canzano, on the other hand has, for over 15 years, been designing and manufacturing machinery for glass processing capable of combining excellent functionality, maximum safety for operators and ease of use, without neglecting those functional and aesthetic details that make Tecno Glass machinery absolutely unique and irreplaceable, according to the best tradition of Made in Italy.

The continuous research and study of innovative solutions have allowed Tecno Glass to expand their offer of machinery entirely designed and built in-house, with the addition of the BRX-1400 butyl machine and the MFC-ROCKER extruder.

BRX-1400 is the top-of-the-range butyl machine of the BRX series: completely automated, and ideal for glassworks with high production rates, which meet the strict quality standards required to obtain EC certifications, such as Cekal certification.
The BRX-1400 features the elevation of the automatic worktop managed by PLC, increase in the workable profile up to 34.5mm and the installation of an optical reader for measuring the width of the profile. The butyl refilling system is quick and easy, and the hydraulic cylinder tank contains two 7 kg panes.
An on and off timer, together with the programming of standby time, eliminate unnecessary waiting times for the machine to warm up, thus guaranteeing energy savings. Equipped with an extremely intuitive PLC, available in several languages, the BRX-1400 has four operating speeds and a proportional valve capable of automatically adjusting the different operating pressures, allowing the delivery of the optimal amount of butyl.
Last but not least, the BRX-1400 meets the requirements of Industry 4.0 and allows to monitor all processing activities (energy consumption, alarms, warnings, etc.).

The MFC-ROCKER is a two-component extruder capable of ensuring the perfect dosage of structural silicones. Thanks to the use of rotor pumping units, instead of traditional volumetric pumps, it has a variable flow rate, directly proportional to the speed of the brushless motors used for their drive, and much higher than traditional pumping elements. The pumps are entirely produced in Italy by a partner company, in collaboration with Tecno Glass technicians.
The fully-automated MFC-ROCKER provides the operator with all the useful information during the work cycle (number of drums changed, quantity of material dispensed, alarm reports, etc.) and is equipped with a manual dispensing valve, i.e. a dispensing gun, equipped with a disposable mixer allows to obtain the perfect mixing of the base resin with the catalyst, eliminating any waste material to be disposed of.
The MFC-ROCKER also meets the requirements of Industry 4.0, being totally remote.

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