Technoform offers durable IG units thanks to Sparklike Laser Portable™

Technoform has been using Sparklike Laser Portable™, the non-destructive insulating gas measurement device, since 2019

Technoform is a family company with over 45 production and sales sites worldwide. As a manufacturer of plastic profiles, they have a global presence with more than 1,500 employees.

Thanks to Technoform’s numerous locations, they are always there where their expertise is needed: at the customer. For the same reason, Technoform is able to build on a flexible and worldwide network in which they share their knowledge and many years of experience in extrusion.

Technoform offers durable thermally optimized solutions for the glass edge bond in insulating glass, such as hybrid spacers made of plastic and stainless steel for the warm edge. An optimally constructed and harmonized glass edge bond is decisive for the quality and durability of a window. Technoform’s products, which are already installed in the insulating glass units (IGU), save more than 1.5 million kWh of energy every year. In this way, Technoform is helping to significantly reduce global levels of CO2 emissions.

Technoform has been using Sparklike‘s Laser Portable™, the non-destructive insulating gas measurement device, since 2019.

Technoform offers non-invasive TDLAS measurements of IGUs with the Sparklike Laser Portable™, as a service to support all participants along the entire value chain in the quality assurance and further development of their products. The big advantage: the gas measurement can be used for quality assurance in the middle of the process, at the end of the insulating glass line or in the already installed state. This ensures real safety along the entire value chain for all parties involved.

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