Tecglass develops new tool for architectural glass

Vitro ADAPTA, innovation for architectural glass

The new exclusive feature from Tecglass makes digital printing on glass easier, optimizing production times and costs without any waste and with very high resolution and top quality results.

The use of large-sized glass sheets in modern architecture is no longer a mere trend. Architects and designers around the world are making greater use of this type of glass to pair superior functionality with aesthetic versatility. Its infinite expressive potential is an advantage for impactful projects, where the utmost attention is given to every single detail. Decorating extra-large glass sheets is not always simple and easy. Handling difficulties can cause problems throughout all production steps and impact final results. Even during the printing process, the size of glass sheets makes processing work complicated. There can be problems with transporting, cutting, polishing and other steps in the production cycle, and inaccurate positioning on the printing table can compromise the quality of the work.

To make printing on large sheets easier, Tecglass has developed Vitro ADAPTA, an innovative tool that is available for all the Vitro-Jet F Type machines and adds to their already high performance in industrial production in terms of efficiency and speed. A high precision sensor located in the printing carriage checks the position of the four angles of the glass sheet and analyzes its size and position. After processing the information, the printing software automatically and precisely adapts the design that is to be printed to the size of the sheet and its position on the printing table. Vitro ADAPTA therefore also avoids any holdups in production that can take place when the size of the drawing and the glass sheet do not match perfectly or because the sheets are not positioned properly on the worktable.

This is a new and exclusive feature from Tecglass that makes printing easier and optimizes production times and costs without any waste and with very high resolution and top quality results.