SWISSPACER – perfection down to the smallest detail

Sky-Frame opts for warm edge spacer bars from SWISSPACER

As a leading international provider of frameless sliding window systems, Sky-Frame values the optimal combination of state-of-the-art technologies and unmistakable, architectural design above all else. Product development and construction demand precision and perfection down to the smallest detail – which is why the Swiss company has for many years relied on innovative warm edge spacer bars from SWISSPACER.

Founded in 2002, the owner-managed company Sky-Frame currently employs around 180 people at the development and production site in Frauenfeld (CH) and is also represented worldwide with branch offices in Antwerp, Rothrist, Vienna, Milan, London and Los Angeles. The company’s extraordinary frameless sliding window systems have so far been installed in over 8,500 construction projects on six continents.

Using large, sill-less glass façades, Sky-Frame blurs the boundary between indoors and outdoors – to create unique living experiences. For the sliding window specialist, the high claim to quality and design begins with selecting and collaborating with suppliers. Purchase manager René Knup said, “We opt exclusively for partners who can meet our high requirements for future-proof technologies, flexibility, security of supply as well as a comprehensive process and environmental management system. We believe in fair and trusting cooperation, because it is the best basis for unique and inspiring products.”
Harmonious integration into the glazing edge and increasing energy efficiency
With this in mind, the innovative warm edge spacer bars SWISSPACER Ultimate have been used in the frameless sliding window systems offered by Sky-Frame for a number of years now. For good reasons, as René Knup continued, “Our systems thrive on maximum transparency, clear forms and very narrow profile views. The spacer bars from SWISSPACER can be integrated harmoniously into the filigree glazing edge – without visible offset. The look of the black plastic also goes better with our product than solutions involving chromium steel.”

The SWISSPACER Ultimate also impresses fully from the perspective of key energy values. Used in the glazing edge of the sliding windows, it achieves much lower thermal conductivity and raises the temperature there by up to 2 °C. For double-glazed aluminium systems with a thermal break, this means a very good Psi value of 0.036, and in triple glazing even 0.031.

With the lower Psi values, the Uw value of the overall system is also considerably improved. René Knup said, “Energy efficiency and sustainability are very important criteria for us in the area of product development. The spacer bars from SWISSPACER help our systems meet the highest of requirements.” The spacer bar also has very good stability – against the backdrop of ever larger glazing formats and thus heavier components, this is an aspect that cannot be ignored.

Innovative sliding window system for cold regions
Sky-Frame also sets new standards in terms of aesthetics and energy efficiency in the new variant 3 of the “Plain” system, which was recently launched on the market. The special feature: the sliding window glides over the extremely narrow and almost invisible floor opening. The area between continues the floor covering, thus reinforcing the impression of a flowing transition from inside to outside.

The up to 2.3 x 4 metre triple-glazed elements are equipped with state-of-the-art insulation materials – including the SWISSPACER Ultimate. This ensures a consistent thermal break and also enables the use of the “Plain 3” system in particularly cold regions.

Elmar Rastner, Head of Marketing and Sales Southern Europe & North America at SWISSPACER, said, “We are delighted that Sky-Frame is once again trusting in our spacer bars for this innovative system, and that we are able to help achieve precision and perfection down to the smallest detail. That is what drives us every day as a leader in technology.”

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