Stoelzle: new cubic 100 ml bottle with a short screw cap

Stoelzle is part of the flaconnage group at CETIE which developed new cubic bottles and screw rings

Guided by environmental issues, several leaders in the glass industry have joined forces to form a Geometric Flaconnage working group at CETIE (Centre International Technique de l’Emballage et du Conditionnement). This approach has led to the development of a new range of SCREW RINGS, adapted to the needs of the market for reusable and/or easy-to-recycle bottles.

The Bottle Neck Geometry group has been working for many months on a short screw ring option and on the FEA/Screw Ring interchangeability option of the same height. Instead of the traditional FEA crimp rings, these new standard screw rings should be as short as possible, allowing the same pump covers to be used as their crimp counterpart, while guaranteeing a good screwing and an optimal unscrewing brake.

This new top-of-the-range model is the perfect fit for this innovative screw ring, which separates and recycles all the elements. For more than a year, the Stoelzle team has carried out numerous technical tests on customer lines, which have led to the approval of many leading brands.

These rings have brakes in the thread that have been adapted and verified in real conditions; they guarantee good closure and reduce unintentional unscrewing.

This new offer allows each customer to interchange between FEA or VIS rings depending on the brand’s strategy, the project and the adaptation time of their packaging lines.

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