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Stewart Engineers releases updates entering 2018

Aerial footage of the Orda Float Glass Facility as of December 2017

Stewart Engineers has completed a series of milestones concerning the Orda Glass float glass project in Kazakhstan.

Stewart Engineers, Inc. has achieved a number of milestones on the Orda Glass Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan float glass project so far:
* Sourcing of process suppliers: Stewart Engineers for the tin bath, CVD, and control system; Bottero for cutting and packing; Lahti for the batching; CNUD for the lehr; and TECO for the melter;
* design of integrated processes;
* all engineering work, including civil specifications, were approved by Kazakhstan state expertise;
* equipment fabrication;
* process steel fabrication;
* all process equipment delivered to site (over 800 containers);
* process steel installation.
Stewart Engineers completed all milestones on time and on budget. The project is now in transition, as further progress is contingent upon the successful transfer of civil works from ShymkentKhimMontazh to China Triumph. Upon recommencement of civil works, Stewart Engineers can begin installation of sensitive process equipment that must be protected from the elements.
Stewart is a diversified global engineering company with leading positions in float glass and on-line CVD coating systems. Drawing on more than 30 years of glass and coating engineering knowledge, Stewart has devoted its expertise on developing core glass and glass coating technologies.
The company is located in Wake Forest, North Carolina – US.
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