Stevanato Group signs an agreement with Gerresheimer

Stevanato Group to provide its integrated twist-off closure system solution, ITC, for Gx RTF syringes

Stevanato Group, a leading producer of glass primary packaging and provider of integrated capabilities for drug delivery systems and Gerresheimer, a leading global partner of the pharmaceuticals and health care industries, announced a commercialization agreement according to which Gerresheimer will be offering Luer lock syringes featuring SG Integrated Tip Cap closure (ITC) to pharmaceutical customers.

The integrated seal cap consists of two components: an elastomeric component, which is available in different formulations and a rigid, translucent polymer cap

The integrated seal cap consists of two components: an elastomeric component, which is available in different formulations and a rigid, translucent polymer cap. The elastomer component is inserted into the plastic cap, screwed together with a Luer Lock adapter, and pre-assembled on the syringe. Compared to traditional Luer Cone systems, this solution offers a syringe closure with increased stability, thus protecting the drug product. The twist-off closure system responds to the containment needs of different drugs: vaccines, hyaluronic acid, biotech drugs and other viscous drugs. It has been developed and produced according to ISO 11040-7 standard and fit perfect on Gx RTF glass syringes. Gerresheimer will offer 1.0 ml long and 1.0 ml short Luer Lock syringes with the integrated twist-off closure in the first step. Additional formats will follow.

Increased safety and user-friendliness for medical specialists

Gerresheimer Gx RTF Luer lock glass syringes with the new twist-off closure system Gx TWILC (Twistable Integrated Luer lock Closure) available in the sizes 1.0 ml long and 1.0 ml short

The seal cap is securely screwed onto the Luer Lock syringe, so that accidental removal of the cap is prevented. The familiar twist-off function offers medical specialists improved user-friendliness without impairing the integrity of the pre-fillable syringes. The structured surface simplifies the removal of the cap. “We combine our syringes with system components that are primarily aimed at user-friendliness and safety,” Manfred Baumann, Global Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing, Administration & TCC, Member of the Management Board, Gerresheimer Regensburg GmbH, explained. “The new SG ITC twist-off closure suits these aims outstandingly.” Gerresheimer already delivers syringes equipped with the seal cap, which can be processed on existing filling lines, under the name Gx TWILC (Twistable Integrated Luer lock Closure). The 100-hole nests are packaged in a tub and sterilized with ethylene oxide gas (EtO).

“We are delighted that Gerresheimer is adopting our leading technology. This closure system for syringes adds up to the EZ-fill® platform for vials Gerresheimer already joined a few years ago, broadening the standardized solutions available in the market. Pharma customers can benefit from increased flexibility, consistent quality and safety, and reduced time-to-market,” said Mauro Stocchi, Chief Business Officer at Stevanato Group.