Stevanato Group: free live webinar on container traceability

Driving quality and production efficiency in pharmaceutical manufacturing through container traceability

Webinar Details

  • Date: Tuesday, May 5th
  • Time: 4.00 PM CEST
  • Duration: 1 hour

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Webinar abstract
Today, there is no individual identification of containers. In the case of a problem in a process step, manufacturers are not able to define exactly which products may have been impacted and so they adopt either an “over segregation” or “full batch write off policies”. This impacts the fight against drug shortages as well as resulting in lost or missed revenues.

In the same way the cause of a reject from an automated inspection system is unknown thus preventing product and process optimization. If the containers were marked and the reading of this container was integrated with the inspection machine the cause of the reject for each individual container would be known (e.g. particles, CCI, etc.). This data would help to drive more detailed root cause analysis and improvements in machine utilization.

This approach has been validated by a cross section of the pharmaceutical industry and the business case. At the same time there is a convincing business case for the improvements in both filling lines and automated inspection machines.

This presentation will discuss the approach, process steps and initial test results of how this can be achieved today.

Key Learning Objectives

  • What is primary container traceability?
  • Operational benefits
  • Production formats
  • Using the code in Automated Inspection processes
  • Creating and industry standard

Who Should Attend

  • Operations & Manufacturing management teams
  • Freeze drying operations
  • Technology Management & Innovation
  • Diagnostics companies
  • Drug development and Clinical trial personnel

About the speaker
Tod Urquhart,
Core Team Leader at Stevanato Group

Tod Urquhart has more than ten years’ experience of working in the field of product serialisation and traceability. He has an extensive knowledge of planning, managing and delivering cross functional serialisation projects for pharmaceutical regulatory compliance as well as product interaction and traceability. Previous projects include working with Pfizer, GSK, Lucozade, Red Bull and Danone

Tod is currently the Core Team Lead for the Stevanato Group project working on the Unique Identification of Containers for Parenteral Medicines. The project covers a range of areas from developing new printing processes through systems integration to commercial modelling and the creation of a common standard for the Pharmaceutical industry.

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