Stevanato Group and Corning Incorporated sign licensing agreement

The partnership offers the industry an enhanced product with improved chemical durability and world-class ready-to-use expertise, serving early stage drug development through marketed drug manufacturing.

Stevanato Group announced a licensing agreement with Corning Incorporated to offer a combined solution that will provide biopharmaceutical companies with improved levels of protection for injectable drugs while enabling smoother manufacturing operations.

A new product, Corning Valor® RTU Vials with SG EZ-fill® Technology, offers the industry the unique combination of Corning Valor® Glass vial attributes with SG EZ-fill® integration and packaging advantages, including:

  • Stevanato Group’s EZ-fill® secondary packaging solution eliminates a step in drug manufacturing and production by allowing pharmaceutical and biotech companies to use the SG EZ-fill® presterilized containers without having to go through additional wash and sterilization processes. The SG EZ-fill® solution provides a fully integrated, ready-to-use (RTU) option for aseptic fill-finish operations. Available in formats ranging from 2R to 30R and in both Nest & Tub and Tray configurations, the secondary packaging stores vials and cartridges safely, allowing more efficient, flexible, and streamlined production operations and shortening time to market.
  • Valor Glass is a purpose-built pharmaceutical package designed to address the challenges of today’s manufacturing operations. Valor Glass is chemically durable with uniform surface chemistry. It resists damage and breakage, eliminates delamination, and reduces glass particulate generation. Valor Glass is the result of Corning’s extensive expertise in glass science, optical physics, vapour deposition, precision forming, and extrusion. Valor Glass enhances the storage and delivery of drugs, provides more reliable access to medicines essential to public health, and optimizes manufacturing efficiency.

“Corning is thrilled to expand our packaging portfolio by offering Corning Valor® RTU Vials with SG EZ-fill® Technology. This agreement marks an exciting step forward as we build a full suite of pharmaceutical glass packaging solutions,” said Brendan Mosher, vice president and general manager at Corning Pharmaceutical Technologies. “The combination of Corning’s purpose-built Valor Glass and Stevanato Group’s RTU technology is a win-win for the industry; our expanded offering increases speed-to-market while improving primary packaging quality and performance.”

Stevanato Group, a leading global provider of drug containment, drug delivery and diagnostic solutions, designed its SG EZ-fill® secondary packaging to store glass containers safely in a tray or Nest & Tub configuration for efficient filling, while minimizing glass-to-glass contact. The platform – launched in 2010 – is the ideal solution from lab-scale filling to the industrial filling process.

“The agreement with Corning represents another milestone for the SG EZ-fill® presterilized platform,” said Andrea Zambon, corporate business development director at Stevanato Group. “The partnership reinforces our technology leadership and market position in secondary packaging for aseptic manufacturing. By choosing our cost-efficient, scalable solution, Corning has opted for an industry-verified platform that has a proven track record of success with over 30 fill-finish machine manufacturers on more than 250 filling lines.”

Valor is a registered trademark of Corning Incorporated.
SG EZ-fill is a registered trademark of Nuova Ompi, a Stevanato Group company.

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