Sparklike non-destructive IG gas measurement on show at Vitrum

Vitrum gave Sparklike the chance to meet with and discuss the possibilities of its equipment – both stand-alone and in-line

During Vitrum, Jukka Manner from Sparklike was there to provide information on the company’s products, ranging from the basic Sparklike Handheld™ – for double glazed insulating glass units, followed by Sparklike Laser Portable™ – for double and triple glazed insulating glass units with coatings and laminated glass, right up to Sparklike Laser Integrated™ – for automated insulating glass units measurement.

All Sparklike products are – as their description says – non destructive, and can analyse and measure the gas inside IG units without breaking the glass.

This type of glass measurement can also be used in quality assurance requirements, ensuring safety during measurement operations.

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