SORG’s glowing partnership with WECK Glas

For over a century, WECK jars (or simply WECK glasses) have been used in every German household for preserving food

WECK jars and industrial preserving jars have been made at WECK’s production plant in Bonn-Duisdorf since 1950.

Over many years, SORG has been the preferred partner and provider of WECK’s equipment for its glass making processes. SORG has supplied furnaces and equipment since 1960, with the latest furnaces built in 2008 and 2015, alongside the capacity expansion through the installation of further forehearths on existing furnaces.

At the beginning of COVID-19, the demand for WECK products boomed. Growing demand demonstrated the need for a continuous capacity expansion of the Bonn-Duisdorf plant. Thanks to SORG’s flexible and prompt performance, these expansions could be made in next to no time.

As well as furnace construction, SORG has continually modernized and expanded the equipment at WECK Glas with regards to the melting performance, energetic efficiency and especially, the reduction of emissions.

Improving the quality of the combustion process is reflected in the furnace rebuild, which is planned for 2022. While using the same furnace size, the melting capacity will rise by stronger boosting.

Performance and efficiency of the furnaces, together with good service and high flexibility, has encouraged WECK Glas to continue to rely on SORG as a trusted partner for the future.

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