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SORG – WSH and WSM burner holders with integral angle adjustment

SORG® equals efficiency

SORG is dedicated to providing its customers with the latest developments in glass melting and conditioning technologies. This has led to the development of new burner holders with integrated angle adjustment, which makes finding its most efficient setting easier.

Stricter furnace emission restrictions have led to tightly controlled furnace operations. They apply specifically to the burner’s settings because they have the most influence on emissions. As a result, the burner’s settings and adjustment angle must be continuously monitored and corrected.
SORG’s new burner holders, available in type WSH and WSM guises, make it easier for operators to meet emission regulations. The new burner holder’s fulcrum is located inside its head, enabling the exit point to remain stationary while the burner’s vertically or horizontally adjusted. No readjustment, measuring device or tools are required to adjust the burner holders either. The WSM model can be adjusted automatically by motor from the control room. This allows the furnace operator to adjust the burner angle and at the same time observe the flame pattern on the furnace monitor.

To find out more about the benefits of the new burner holders, download the data sheet.

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