SORG: Where engineering and services are two sides of a coin

SORG was founded in 1872 in the Thüringen Forest area of Germany. Following World War II, SORG relocated to Lohr am Main where it continues to grow and develop. Today SORG is the leader in glass melting and conditioning technologies. The company solves customers’ problems by keeping their investments safe and sustainable.

SORG stands for a group of companies whose abilities and experiences complement one another in order to be able to provide a unique offering of products and services. These technologies range from the delivery and storage of raw materials through to conditioned glass and cullet return systems.
The company stays in the family: The group now belongs to and is managed by the fourth and fifth generations of the SORG family.
The individual companies who serve the glass industry only, currently employ over 450 employees worldwide.
The company perform all services necessary on the hot end of the glass industry.
Nikolaus Sorg GmbH & Co. KG is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

The SORG Group was given the responsibility of planning, delivering, constructing and commissioning the first glass melting system of the Wiegand-Glas plant in Schleusingen, Germany. However, what made it challenging was the fact that this major project had to be carried out and completed in the middle of the global Covid-19 pandemic.
The project required a flexible approach by SORG, who considered the health and safety of the workers of many different companies working within the bustling construction site at every stage.
A regenerative U-flame tub for white glass, featuring a working end and forehearths was especially optimized for the needs of Wiegand-Glas. Two completely sealed doghouses were also built utilising EME-NEND® technology.
The project of rebuilding the entire plant was successfully completed thanks to the exemplary behaviour and expertise of both construction management teams, who were working in close partnership to meet the high customer demands. The complete system represents an industry milestone, with excellent levels of energy consumption, glass quality, emissions and maintenance.

SORG believes in continuous improvement, so to provide their customers with ever refining solutions. A company that listens to their customers and their needs to develop the accurate high-quality solutions and services. SORG is a long-time technological leader and has never been a follower. It has been granted more than 100 patents.
These patents include ground-breaking innovations, such as the VSM® and Deep Refiner®. The Deep Refiner® concept has been reproduced and adopted by many other manufacturers.
Another game-changer was the refining bank. This is an integral part of the FlexMelter®, Boro-Oxi-Melter®, LoNOx®, and OxEcon® furnaces. Very recently, these have been used to produce solar glass. The refining bank has also been implemented on a classic end port furnace, to produce high quality containers.

EME® is one of the leading suppliers of batch weighing, dosing conveying and cullet management systems to the glass industry.

SORG Keramik Service (SKS)
SKS® is a world leader in the area of furnace construction and maintenance. SKS specializes in hot repairs of all natures, emergency or planned measures. Their combination of endoscope inspections, ceramic welding and refractory repairs will keep furnaces running long and efficiently.

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