SORG: new order from Vetri Speciali

A third successful order for SORG in Italy

The world-renowned pioneer in glass melting and conditioning successfully rebuilt a furnace at Vetri Speciali’s Ormelle plant, followed by a second project to address issues with defective bottles at their San Vito plant in 2019, where SORG had to reduce stones and inclusions in the glass.
By redesigning the melting furnace with state-of-the-art equipment, SORG allowed the glass more residence time in the hot zones of the tank and as a result inclusions were significantly reduced, the conditioning quality of the glass was improved and lower NOx emissions and energy consumption was achieved.

SORG’s main strength came from the optimized furnace design and state-of-the-art equipment (an EME-NEND® batch charger, combined with SORG gas combustion equipment, working end and forehearths). Together, they enabled Vetri Speciali to achieve improved glass quality and higher productivity.

Following the successful rebuild of these two furnaces, the SORG Group has been commissioned for its third project with the glass container manufacturer.

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