SORG: 50 electric years – 50 furnace facts – III week

In the third week of its 50 furnace facts series SORG tells a few things you may or may not already know about the Vertical Super Melter® itself

SORG continues its 50 furnace facts series, with a few things you may or may not already know about the Vertical Super Melter® itself.

From the origins of SORG’s very first all-electric melter, to the many clever features that make it the most energy-efficient, eco-friendly technology currently available. As well as some interesting facts and figures to back it all up.

A clean conscience – Week Three

Fact 17
The all-electric furnace technology, melting process and equipment differ largely from fossil-fired furnaces.

Fact 18
The VSM® uses only electric power to melt glass, no combustion.

Fact 19
The VSM® has low energy consumption – close to the physical limits of glass melting.

Fact 20
Since energy losses appear only in the form of losses through the refractory walls and losses due to hot gasses, the VSM® offers the best possible furnace efficiency.

Fact 21
The VSM® has a small footprint and is low in gaseous emissions – no CO2 is generated from combustion.

Fact 22
The VSM® requires only a small number of auxiliary equipment.

Fact 23
The VSM® offers melting capacities of 3…200 t/d

Fact 24
The VSM® can produce – and has produced – almost all kinds of mass-produced and technical glasses:
• Soda-lime glass
• Container glass
• Tableware
• Rolled-plate flat glass
• Tubing
• Lighting ware
• C-glass
• Insulation fiber
• Borosilicate glass
• Labware
• Cookware
• Fluoride Opal
• Flaconnage & cream jars


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