Solvay to invest in Bulgaria plant

Solvay will upgrade its soda ash factory with a new high-tech steam boiler that will reduce CO2 emissions and improve the site’s environmental performance.

Solvay will bolster the competitiveness of its soda ash factory in Devnya, Bulgaria, by improving its energy efficiency.
The measure is part of the competitiveness breakthrough plan that Solvay’s Global Business Unit Soda Ash & Derivatives launched last year, and which is on track to deliver its 100 million EUR cost-improvement target by the end of 2015.
The Devnya plant, Solvay’s biggest synthetic soda ash production plant in Europe, will be equipped with a new high-tech steam boiler, whose energy efficiency will reduce CO2 emissions and bolster the site’s environmental performance.
“This investment shows Solvay’s commitment to this business,” said Christophe Clemente, President of Solvay Soda Ash & Derivatives Global Business Unit.
“Our breakthrough actions, including energy efficiency measures, and our goal to increase profitability of our soda ash business will ensure the security and quality of supply to our customers over the long-term.”
With the soda ash breakthrough competitiveness plan, Solvay aims to re-affirm its position as one of the global leaders in  the  business,  optimising  its  European synthetic soda ash production while at the same time reinforcing its assets in the United States.

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