SOFTSOLUTION: automated quality assurance at PRESS GLASS

Quality - Automation - Optimization, these requirements are the top priority at PRESS GLASS

In the first evaluation phase, together with the project manager Mr. Jakub Krakowski, those SOFTSOLUTION products were specified, which will meet the high demands for quality assurance of PRESS GLASS:

  • VirtualDigitizing is used for digital object capture of special shapes at various production sites. Templates and 2D objects are automatically and quickly converted into DXF files and forwarded to production.
  • The CulletScanner at PRESS GLASS (in Radomsko/Konobiska, Poland) is used for automatic break pattern analysis of tempered glass. The evaluation according to EN12150 is a high priority for PRESS GLASS products. Included in that digital project file, there is a printable PDF certificate confirming the quality.
  • Several LineScanners in different heights and at various PRESS GLASS locations in Europe and the USA inspect single glasses for surface quality and logo position. The exact schedule from measurement, installation and training to the final acceptance was implemented by the support engineers of Softsolution on time and in a precise manner.

The Technology Development Manager at PRESS GLASS, Mr. Krakowski, follows the production worldwide via the quality statistics of the LineScanner’s management console running on a tablet or smartphone. If all scanners in the company deliver perfect quality, he can work on further developments with peace of mind. In case of challenges or irregularities, he is alerted and can take quick action.

Mr. Krakowski said, “Surface quality scanners are becoming the standard in the production of insulating glass. The basic function of the scanner is to support the operator, where the intuitive software facilitates and improves the daily inspection of the glass. Appropriate software allows you to significantly improve production management and quality control, simultaneously on several lines. Such possibilities are offered by the management console offered by Softsolution.”

After just a short learning period, PRESS GLASS ordered additional systems for quality assurance from Softsolution for 2022. A total of 11 LineScanners will be in use at various positions on the production lines at PRESS GLASS once the planned installations are completed.expectations, yet together they create an effective network of connections.