Smartglass Unveils Antibacterial Privacy Glass

Antibacterial Privacy Glass eliminates bacteria that form on its surface and prevents the spread of fungi.

Smartglass Antibacterial Privacy Glass is a major innovation in the world of glass design. The antimicrobial action of silver ions within the glass eliminates 99.9% of all bacteria that form on its surface. It also prevents the spread of fungi.
The process involves diffusing silver ions into the upper layers of the glass. The ions interact with bacteria and destroy them by disabling their metabolism and disrupting their division mechanism. The antibacterial effect of the glass is continued, especially in warm and moist conditions that favour development of bacteria and mould.
Test results have shown a drastic reduction in initial bacterial concentrations as well as a cessation of fungal growth.
Four ways healthcare can use Antibacterial Privacy Glass:
Antibacterial Privacy Glass could be used in patient rooms as a form of infection control for staff members. It significantly decreases the need for staff members to enter patient’s room as quick observation could be carried out from outside while doors remain closed. This non- invasive way of care can increase the patient’s comfort level and privacy.
Antibacterial Privacy Glass eliminates the need for blinds and guarantees privacy at the flick of a switch.  The area is helped to be kept free of bacteria.  It also allows the staff to control privacy.  A remote control panel could be placed in a convenient location allowing staff to switch from transparent to opaque mode in seconds.  By separating the operating room from the surgery nursing station, we could allow internship students to observe operations from a safe distance.
Antibacterial Privacy Glass helps to develop a comfortable working space for nurses that are usually first to contact patients and their families.  It helps to maintain privacy and controls noise.  At the same time it is a professional way of protecting nurses from people who are being admitted.  Smartglass Privacy Glass could be also used as partition walls keeping a large workstation appropriately divided.  A significant advantage is that the glass is Antibacterial and creates a natural infection control barrier.
Shared hospital bathrooms are full of bacteria. The same concerns patients (shared) bathrooms. Despite regular cleaning, bacteria spread quickly on wet surfaces. Antibacterial Privacy Glass is the ideal solution to divide wet and dry areas such as shower rooms. It helps to keep them clean with additional “privacy on demand” switch.  There is no need for shower curtains. Furthermore Smartglass Antibacterial Privacy Glass can be easily cleaned.
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