Şişecam wins Europe’s “Environmental and Social Innovation” Silver Award

An award came from Europe to the activities of Şişecam Group in the field of glass recycling

Şişecam Group is continuing to create awareness-raising projects in recycling applications for a sustainable life and its efforts in glass recycling have been awarded at the 27th annual meeting of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

Şişecam Group won the Silver Prize among 55 projects in the category of “Environmental and Social Innovation” of the Sustainability Awards for its contributions to resource efficiency, glass recycling and energy efficiency and glass recycling capital.

Each year the most successful projects in environmental and social areas in its the entire operational area are being awarded by EBRD in a total of four categories; Sustainable Energy, Climate Flexibility, Environmental and Social Best Practice, Environmental and Social Innovation.
The candidates to the 2018 awards were assessed by an independent panel on four criteria: “standards and best practices”, “innovation”, “visible impact” and “capacity building” and a total of 55 projects were nominated.
Four independent jury members chose the winners and the awards found their owners in a ceremony held in Jordan.

Şişecam Group’s activities for glass recycling are of great importance in terms of sustainable production. The use of 10 percent cullet as a raw material in glass production reduces raw materials consumption by 12 percent, energy by 2.5 percent and carbon emissions by 5 percent. With glass, which is a 100 percent recyclable packaging material without any quality loss, a glass bottle cullet as input is enough to produce one full glass bottle.

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