Sisecam Group brings together the leading names of the global glass industry

Sisecam Group hosted the annual meeting of International Commission on Glass (ICG)

Sisecam Group hosted the annual meeting of International Commission on Glass (ICG) with 400 participants from 25 countries.

Sisecam Group brought together the leading names of the global glass industry to discuss the future of the industry and new technologies in Istanbul. Sisecam Glass Symposium, organized for the 32nd time this year, hosted the annual meeting of International Commission on Glass (ICG) as well as over 400 participants from 25 countries.
Sisecam Group, a global actor in business fields including all main areas of glass industry – flat glass, glassware, glass packaging and glass fiber – as well as soda and chromium chemicals, organized the 32nd Sisecam Glass Symposium. The event also hosted the annual meeting of International Commission on Glass (ICG), which brought together glass industry representatives, universities and scientific institutions from around the world. The future of the glass industry and new technologies were discussed at this international organization during 22-25 October 2017 in Istanbul.
Prof. Ahmet Kirman, Sisecam Group Vice Chairman and CEO, said that the Group was the world’s third largest glassware manufacturer, and ranked fifth in glass packaging and flat glass. “In addition to being among the top ten soda producers of the world, we are also the world leader in chromium chemicals. We operate manufacturing facilities in 13 countries. We face the future with confidence thanks to our capacity, technology, innovation, creativity, expertise and skilled personnel, and our ability to produce goods and services that respond to changing market conditions,” Prof. Kirman added.
Remarking that this important event, which brought together representatives of the glass industry and academics in Istanbul, offered a productive platform for cooperation and exchange of ideas, Prof. Kirman said: “The 32nd Sisecam Glass Symposium promoted the development of the global glass industry by allowing participants to exchange information on innovations in glass science and technology. We will continue to provide a platform that allows participants to engage in for global cooperation, establish close ties and share the latest developments in the global industry.”
Stating that the global glass industry has been quite volatile and unpredictable in recent years, Prof. Kirman said: “Despite all these circumstances, I believe that Sisecam and other players have taken major steps to further advance the glass industry. Glass has always been a material that makes people’s lives better. Academic research, innovation and R&D will continue to be a top priority in the future.”
Dr. Manoj Choudhary, International Commission on Glass (ICG) President, said that the technical program, the logistics, the facilities and the social dimensions of the organization in Istanbul were outstanding.
“Over 400 participants from 25 countries had the opportunities to attend parallel technical sessions on a variety of glass science and technology topics, plenary session, panel discussions, as well as special events such as the William R. Prindle Memorial Session, the Youth Outreach Event, and very special Opening and Closing Ceremonies. In addition, various ICG meeting were held. The meetings were an important forum for exchanging ideas, advancing knowledge, and promoting collaboration among the members of the global glass community. They also provided an excellent venue for renewing old friendships and establishing new ones. The ICG community is going to use the Istanbul meeting as a template for our future annual meetings,” said Dr. Choudhary.
Prof. Sener Oktik, Sisecam Group Chief Research and Technological Development Officer, said that they were involved in a considerable number of R&D projects in cooperation with 13 international institutions in 19 countries. “We are proud to undertake these efforts at the Sisecam Science and Technology Center, one of the most advanced centers in Europe. The global glass industry is faced with major technological, environmental and social opportunities and challenges. We believe that this large-scale event offered a global platform for discussing exciting advances in glass technology. The symposium consisted of five parallel sessions, three panels, 30 speeches and 120 presentations, 20 of them posters,” said Prof. Oktik.

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