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Şİşecam: ground-breaking ceremony for glass packaging plant in Hungary

Şİşecam lays the foundation of its first European glass packaging facility in Hungary

Şişecam held the ground-breaking ceremony of its first European glass packaging facility in Kaposvar, Hungary. The new investment is worth EUR 255 million. The ceremony was attended by Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó, Kaposvar Deputy Attila Gelencsé, Kaposvar Mayor Károly Szita, Şişecam Chairman Dr. Ahmet Kırman, and Şişecam CEO Görkem Elverici.

Şişecam aims to bolster its presence in the European glass packaging market with its Hungarian investment
Şişecam Chairman Dr. Kırman delivered a speech at the ground-breaking ceremony, stating that Şişecam aims to grow by creating value for its entire ecosystem and introducing its innovative products to customers in more than 150 countries worldwide.

Dr. Kırman emphasized that Şişecam is expanding in line with its sustainable growth strategy.

“Şişecam operates in glass packaging with a total of 10 production facilities in four countries and an annual production capacity of 2.6 million tonnes. Most of our international sales are to Europe. The European market accounts for a quarter of the total global glass packaging market. This fact offers major opportunities for the rapid development of the industry and for the expansion of our company’s current production footprint. Our Hungarian investment will further strengthen Şişecam’s position in glass packaging. With this new facility, we aim to bolster both the development of the region and our presence in the European glass packaging market by continuously investing in Kaposvar.”

Şişecam will significantly contribute to the economic development of the region
Dr. Kırman indicated that Şişecam’s business activities in Hungary started with an acquisition in 2013.

“Şişecam’s positive experience in the country played a major role in prioritizing Hungary when planning a glass packaging production facility in Europe. As a long-term investor, Şişecam is committed to helping develop the region with its holistic and inclusive vision that supports its stakeholders,” said Dr. Kırman. “The new facility will provide input to many different industries with its high quality glass packaging products with high value add. In addition to focusing on creating economic value for its entire ecosystem in the markets where it operates, Şişecam prioritizes executing its sustainability strategy that encompasses the entire value chain – from raw material to final product.

“Our new investment in Hungary is planned and implemented with the same perspective. In line with Şişecam’s sustainability vision aiming to leave a better world for the future and in accordance with the European Union Green Deal policy directives, the Hungarian facility will be equipped with advanced technologies that reduce carbon and water footprints. We also plan to boost recycling and energy efficiency levels at the production site.”

Şişecam’s Hungarian glass packaging facility will be built with a EUR 255 million investment
Şişecam CEO Görkem Elverici also gave a speech, stating that the Hungarian investment is an output of Şişecam’s vision of value-creating sustainable growth. He pointed out that Şişecam grows by supporting its entire ecosystem with long-term investments.

“Şişecam further develops by managing risks effectively and capitalizing on attractive investment opportunities. We plan to commission our Hungarian glass packaging facility in 2023. It is scheduled to reach its full annual production capacity of 330,000 tons in 2025,” Elverici said. “With a EUR 255 million investment, this major facility will bring our quality glass packaging products closer to the European market. The production site will respond to the glass packaging demands of both Hungary and other markets across a wide geography. It will also boost Hungary’s exports.”

Elverici underlined that Şişecam is a key stakeholder in the countries where it operates and it is widely known for its contributions to development and employment. He continued, “The new glass packaging production facility will create direct employment for over 330 employees. Once the facility is commissioned, Şişecam’s total employment in Hungary will be approximately 650 people, with further employment of about 1,000 persons supported via sub-producers. The volume of trade that our production operations will create in the region will also spur the development of many industries along the glass packaging value chain.

“Our facility will make a difference not only with the economic value it will create, but also with its environmentally friendly and state-of-the-art technology features. The new facility will host the most advanced applications of glass packaging melting technology. Our Hungarian site will use the most up-to-date technologies in line with Şişecam’s smart factory vision in terms of both system design and equipment selection. We will also benefit from electric melting technology along with natural gas. This special technology, developed by Şişecam with its superior innovation capability, will serve our sustainability activities and carbon footprint reduction targets.”

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