Şişecam Flat Glass met European architects in Albania

Şişecam Flat Glass has attended Share Tirana 2020, in Albania.

Şişecam Flat Glass came together with European architects and engineers at Share Tirana 2020, participating as an event partner.

The architectural conference Share Tirana 2020 took place in Tirana, hosting Şişecam Flat Glass, operating under Şisecam Group – a global player in the glass industry – as an event partner. The company participated in Share International Architecture and Engineering Forum at Tiran, which hosted European architects from different countries. Prominent architects of Europe attended the event as speakers, and shared their innovative projects and architectural approaches with the audience.

Şişecam Flat Glass has been serving the glass industry across the European market for over 30 years with its broad range of products, particularly including flat glass, mirror, laminated glass, and temperable coated glass.

At the conference, the “Dreams Come True” presentation, covering the recently-introduced coated products and reference projects, was delivered to representatives from the industry including architects, façade advisors and students. The innovative products of Şişecam Flat Glass sparked enthusiasm among the attendants, including well known architects and engineers who were awarded for the glass aspect of their architectural projects.

Swiss architect Davide Macullo, President of Order of Bari Architects Paolo Maffiola, Italian architect Marco Casamonti and Martin Koenig from British architecture office Martha Schwartz Partners attended the event with their presentations, while Gonca Paşolar, partner of Emre Arolat Architecture from Turkey, delivered a presentation on Antakya Museum Hotel and Istanbul Museum of Painting and Sculpture projects, realized thanks to Şişecam Flat Glass products.