Şİşecam breaks new ground with “antimicrobial V-Block technology”

Şişecam Group develops “V-Block” technology against viruses and bacteria on glass surfaces

Şişecam Science, Technology and Design Centre

A global player in glass and chemicals production, Şişecam Group has developed a pivotal invention with the goal of contributing to the battle against the pandemic. With development of a special coating that neutralizes viruses and bacteria on glass surfaces thanks to its long-standing innovation culture and superior R&D capabilities, Şişecam broke new ground by applying this technology on glassware products through its production capacity.

Patent processes were initiated upon completion of laboratory tests related to the formula and application method of the “Antimicrobial V-Block Technology”, developed by Şişecam with the goal of preventing growth and spread of viruses and bacteria on glassware, which could further spread through physical contact.

The glassware products to be equipped with the special technology developed by Şişecam Science, Technology and Design Centre, one of the world’s leading R&D centres in its field, will first roll out in Turkey, to be followed later by the entire world. Şişecam’s technology will help reduce the contamination risk of the pandemic and will contribute to the normalization process.

“We continue to add value to life as one of the leading global glass producers.”
Prof. Ahmet Kırman, Şişecam Group Vice Chairman and CEO, said in a statement, “We are proud to be the first glass producer in the world to apply Antimicrobial V-Block Technology, developed by Şişecam Science, Technology and Design Centre, on our glassware products. This special technology was developed in a record time of two months thanks to the 45-year R&D experience of Şişecam Group.

“We also plan to apply the technology to glass packaging, architectural glass and home appliances glass in the future. We continue to add value to life as one of the leading global glass producers, and have developed this special technology with the goal of contributing to human health in line with our mission of adding value to life as a Group. Moreover, this technology also serves our vision of being a company that creates a difference with its technologies and trademarks by developing creative solutions.

“Patent processes for the formula and application of the Antimicrobial V-Block Technology have been initiated. Following the registration and completion of the necessary official permission processes, our special technology that prevents harmful organisms from remaining on glass surfaces will be initially offered in Turkey. Then, as Şişecam, delivering its value-added products to its customers in more than 150 countries, we will offer our special technology to the entire world.”

Prof Kuman continued, “HORECA (hotel, restaurant, catering) industry will also be supported in terms of hygiene during the normalization process through the application of the Antimicrobial V-Block Technology on Paşabahçe products, Şişecam’s glassware brand. We strongly believe that consumers will be less concerned about their health in outdoor spaces such as hotels, cafes and restaurants after glassware products developed with Antimicrobial V-Block Technology start to be used.

“With its ever-developing and expanding areas of use, glass has endless potential in creating a sustainable future as the representative of health and being natural. The importance of the glass industry grows each day thanks to its ability to create sustainable solutions for the most critical global issues such as the environment, climate, energy and healthcare.

“Today, as a global player with production facilities in 14 countries and 22,000 employees across four continents, Şişecam carries out all its processes, ranging from raw materials to final products, in line with its ‘Care for Next’ sustainability strategy. As a Group that adopts the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, we value the Antimicrobial V-Block Technology also for the contribution it shall make to a sustainable future.”

Neutralizes viruses and bacteria on glass surfaces
The revolutionary V-Block Technology developed by the Şişecam Science, Technology and Design Centre offers hygiene 24/7 thanks to its special formula and application technique. Due to its active nature, the formula, which is applied on products under high temperatures during production, is also ideal for spaces with high-contamination risk such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, hospitals and refectories, as well as household use.

The Antimicrobial V-Block Technology has successfully passed food contact tests, and neutralizes viruses and bacteria on glass surfaces. Independent institutions have certified that glass products coated with Antimicrobial V-Block Technology prevent the growth and spread of many different viruses and bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli bacteria, Bacteriophage, Feline calicivirus (FCV), Adenovirus, Canine parvovirus, Hepatitis A Virus, Herpes Simplex Virus, Influenza A, Murine Norovirus, Poliovirus, Rhinovirus, Rotavirus and Vaccinia virus. Testing and development processes are ongoing for the technology that is proven to be effective against the coronavirus according to preliminary findings.

Paşabahçe products produced with this technology preserve all their high-quality characteristics such as colour, transparency and light transmission. Thus, hygiene and maximum protection are guaranteed, without compromising consumer pleasure from using the products.