Showcasing the new Sparklike Online™ at GPD 2019

Looking back on a very successful GPD 2019 Conference, Sparklike is happy to notice the high interest shown, especially towards their new IG-line integrated and non-destructive system for insulating glass gas fill analysis: Sparklike Online™

Much like in previous years, GPD offered Sparklike a great platform to network and foster partnerships with like-minded professionals and to promote their innovative non-destructive argon analysers to a targeted audience of high level decision-makers.

The primary goal of the company was to demonstrate how the insulating gas fill can be analysed without breaking the insulating glass unit or having any extra components inside. To that end, they were showcasing three different devices on their stand: Sparklike Online™Sparklike Laser Portable™ and Sparklike Handheld™ devices.

Jorma Vitkala at the Sparklike’s stand

The main attraction on the stand was the new Sparklike Online™ device that allows IG-line integrated and non-destructive analysis for triple and double glazed insulating glass units, also through coatings and laminated glasses.

The great interest towards this newest innovation is easy to understand: Sparklike Online™ gives the opportunity to IG-manufacturers to control the proper functioning of the gas press in an automated way. Similar installations have already been realised with Sparklike Laser™ measuring components, but now everything is available ready-made, including installation, commissioning and training.

This year, the Glass Performance Days (GPD) event in 2019 celebrated its 27th year of service to the glass industry. The technical sessions of the conference and workshops addressed the challenges the industry faces today regarding the ever-changing demands on building design, energy-efficiency and environmental fit, to name a few. A special focus was on the contribution of new glass technologies to these demands. Since Sparklike is the world’s first and only manufacturer and developer of non-destructive insulating glass gas fill analyser, the company naturally wanted to be on the very forefront of these discussions.

Furthermore, due to these changes towards smart windows and therefore towards more transparent production, Sparklike is looking forward to different ways in which their non-destructive insulating gas fill analysers can enhance the quality control procedures.
Whether the customer is a manufacturer of double or triple glazed IGU’s, a test laboratory, IG production line provider, an architect or a facade consultant, Sparklike’s devices will offer them quick and accurate quality control as well as competitive advantages.