SGG LIVE wins award at Saint-Gobain Marketing Awards

Saint-Gobain Glass UK has been recognized for its marketing efforts.

After launching major online support initiative SGG LIVE earlier this year, Saint-Gobain Glass UK has now been recognized for its marketing efforts by winning a category at Saint-Gobain’s annual Marketing Awards ceremony.

Held at Burleigh Court in Loughborough, the award for Best Marketing Project was presented to Saint-Gobain Glass UK’s Marketing Manager, Susan Lambeth by Fabrice Didier, Vice-President of Marketing for the Saint-Gobain Group.

“It’s great to be recognised for our efforts,” said Susan. “Especially for something as vital as SGG LIVE. We believe it to be a must have digital tool in an industry as fast-paced as ours because customers can have instant access to all the information they need to make decisions quickly and run their business more effectively.”

SGG LIVE is a powerful new online tool designed to empower users of its products with a wealth of technical, marketing and specification support. It brings together a range of tools that are instantly available, whenever the customer wants them, wherever the customer is, all entirely free of charge.