SGD Pharma: Type I moulded glass now available in 3 tailored ranges

SGD Pharma announced that, as part of its continuous improvements and in response to a thorough evaluation of market needs, their Type I moulded glass offering is now available in three tailored ranges: AXess®, AXecure® and AXpert®

SGD Pharma, a leading supplier of glass primary packaging in the pharmaceutical industry and global expert in Type I moulded glass, introduces an industry first offering of Type I moulded glass vials. These market-driven value propositions represent the latest step in SGD Pharma’s ongoing improvements to its product offers and services.

SGD Pharma has strategically organized its parenteral Type I moulded glass offer into three tailored value propositions – AXess®, AXecure® and AXpert® – from which pharmaceutical manufacturers can easily choose, meeting their diverse drug product requirements and aseptic manufacturing constraints:

  • AXess delivers reliable, good quality glass packaging with straightforward TCO and is ideal for essential or primary care drugs that require inert Type I packaging. AXess delivers proven vial designs and optimized packaging configurations.
  • AXecure delivers built-in flexibility to cover all needs, with a wide range of superior quality vials for a diverse set of applications. AXecure is the standard for parenteral applications with an entirely customizable offering, from glass vial design to palletization options.
  • AXpert is designed for the most demanding and costly drugs that require the highest levels of quality and integrity, for applications such as oncology and specialty care. By providing access to advanced and personalized support and service at all times, AXpert protects your high value drug products, with total quality assurance and a range of premium value-added offerings.

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