Sevesglassblock: Smart solution flooring

Designed to meet various needs, from the highest quality urban furnishing to interior design, SEVESGLASSBLOCK for horizontal structures covers a vast range of floor tiles, half shell glass blocks or hollow glass blocks.

They have recently been used in major projects including Guillemins Railway Station (Belgium) and Leipzig Airport (Germany).
The blocks are available in different formats (square and round) glass designs (smooth, diamond, dotted, concentric circles) and finishings (transparent, sand blasted on 1 side or 2, satin finished or 1 side or 2).
A catalogue with more than 30 different options enables the blocks for horizontal structures to be perfectly suited to every context – steps, balconies, terracing, floors and landings in residential, commercial and work spaces – combining functionality and design, and meeting a structural requirement on one hand (in terms of safety and stability), and the need for luminosity on the other, thanks to the material’s characteristics.